About Judy Saucerman, LCSW

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“Think of beauty still left around you and be happy.”​ -Anne Frank

Experience:  Over twenty years doing therapy in outpatient, inpatient, substance abuse, forensic, agency and military clinics.


  • USAF Instructor Pilot’s wife during Vietnam conflict
  • Two sons born in USAF hospital
  • Oldest son spent 8 years AD in USN, 12 in USN Reserves
  • Private practice 11 years in Neptune Beach, serving Mayport Naval Air Station personnel and their families
  • Worked two and a half years providing psychological outreach to USMC Reserves in Florida and Georgia, visiting 16 Reserve units
  • Worked fourteen months providing therapy to all branches of service members at Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany​​
  • Graduated from Florida State University with Masters in Social Work in 1981.

Helping service members and their families is my passion.  I understand you don’t necessarily want to have your command knowing you are seeking counseling.  If so, active duty members can arrange a reduced fee and you can pay me directly.  Just ask.  Payments accepted are cash, check and now, Paypal.  I am now in the Tricare network and your family can be seen using these benefits.  Please call your provider for an initial authorization.

I have years of experience assisting non-military individuals, couples and families, as well, and have a great deal of experience working with the elderly and their families.  I and accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, and Lifesynch at this time.

You can get a jump start by reading.  While it may be uncomfortable if you are struggling with deployment issues, it is a form of therapy, and much less expensive than an hour with your therapist.  A recommendation for wives and families struggling to understand their service member is War, by Sebastian Junger.  (He also wrote The Perfect Storm.)  It is available as a book, and as an audio book.  He won an Oscar for the documentary version of it, Restrepo, another recommendation, which is available as a DVD.  Please feel free to ask me for a copy of my complete (but ever-growing) reading list.

Call – 912-247-9987 or 912-355-3881*
​(*If you are having an emergency, please call 911 or go to your local hospital.)